Magnificent Century Kosem: 2x39

Episode 8

Magnificent Century Kosem Season 2 Episode 9

Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem Bolum 39


Magnificent Century Kösem is also fighting for justice this week, Sultan Murad! Sultan Murad, who came to the front of the Bergama castle to suppress the rebellion in Anatolia, makes an incredible plan with his team to enter the castle. Infiltrating the Bergama castle, Sultan Murad and his team are ambushed. Farya, whom the people tried to lynch, escaped the attack at the last moment. His fate will change completely with the sad news he receives… Kösem Sultan punishes the ringleaders of those who attacked Farya in the most severe way. Although there is no evidence that Ayşe Sultan did the attack, Farya is sure that Ayşe did it. Frustrated by the pain, Farya blames Ayşe. Ayşe Sultan comes face to face with death. The punishment of Kasım triggers the fears of Şehzade İbrahim. Nothing will ever be the same for İbrahim, who has locked himself in the room. Returning to the capital, Sultan Murad is very angry when he learns of the attack on Farya. Anyone who has a hand in this business will pay the price…

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Magnificent Century Kosem Season 2 Episode 9