Magnificent Century Kosem: 2x52

Episode 22

Magnificent Century Kosem Season 2 Episode 22

Magnificent Century Kosem Bolum 52


Kösem Sultan (Nurgül Yeşilçay) starts an irreversible war with his son after Sultan Murad closes his brothers in a cage. He painfully avenges the imprisonment of his princes. Farya (Farah Zeynep Abdullah) and Silahtar Mustafa (Caner Cindoruk) are killed. Sultan Murad (Metin Akdülger) is shaken by the pain of his closest relatives. Sultan Murad, who thinks his beloved ones have killed, confronts Valide Kösem Sultan. The war between the mother and son has started. Sultan Murad 4 decides upon the fact that the Persians take Revan back. He will go to Baghdad next time. He will take both Revan and Baghdad. This decision arouses great resonance on the sofa. Gülbahar Sultan, who emerged years later, kidnaps the princes of Sultan Murad. He makes an offer to Sultan Murad. If he doesn’t do what he wants, he’il threaten to kill his princes. How will Sultan Murad choose between his sons and siblings? Kösem Sultan convenes the assembly of the Meşveret. He decides to dethrone Sultan Murad and close him to the cage… Will Kösem Sultan be able to defeat Sultan Murad?

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Magnificent Century Kosem Season 2 Episode 22