Magnificent Century Kosem: 2x56

Episode 26

Magnificent Century Kosem Season 2 Episode 26

Magnificent Century Kosem Bolum 56


Sultan Murad (Metin Akdülger), who does not want to leave the state to his mother Kösem Sultan (Nurgül Yeşilçay), decides to destroy the dynasty. He will leave the throne to the khan of Crimea after him. For this reason, he gives the death warrant of both Şehzade İbrahim and Kösem Sultan… While Kösem Sultan escapes from execution at the last moment, Şehzade İbrahim faces the executioners. Sultan Murad’s illness is getting worse and worse. Sultan Murad, who doesn’t have much time anymore, makes tougher decisions.

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Magnificent Century Kosem Season 2 Episode 26