Most Frequent Asked Questions and Answers
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Totally, our website uses SSL, to secure and protect your data and communication on our website.

As for the payment gateways, we only use PayPal and Stripe both are highly known for protecting buyers and sellers on the internet.

We are also not using any ads on our website, so our income comes only from membership subscriptions. And we don’t sell or share your data with anyone. for more see our Privacy policy

At this moment we provide payments through PayPal (You can charge, using credit, debit card) and Stripe for credit and iDeal (for the Netherlands)

*if those payment gateways provide us with more options in the future we will enable those.

99% of the time users sign up with a different social media account and after try using a different one or different email. This will not work, as you properly noticed the system only knows the sign-up email. And mostly this is not your billy email.

To gain access click on My Account there you will find your order(s) and membership status. If there is none of those and your membership is not active you properly logged into the wrong account. Please log out and try another.

*If you have thousands of email addresses and you can’t figure out which one it was. No problem just send us your order ID or the full name you used. (you should have received it by email, or check your payment transaction) We will look up the right account for you. So you can enjoy your favorite content.

After you signed up, you need to log in to your account and you can directly access all the content on our website.

For step by step instructions watch this tutorial

*In the tutorial you find also how to change your access data, access orders, and more.

No, because our system is fully automated to give direct access after payment is successful. And bank transfers don’t offer this option and are not safe for both parties. (people can mistakes when filling the right account numbers) And banks mostly charge high fees and are slow. Many reasons for not using it.

* We highly recommend not to use this on any website you don’t know.

All our content has support for English subtitles, Only kurulus Osman has also Spanish.

All our membership plans expire accordingly to the plan you bought. for a month after a month and year after a year.

When the plan expires your membership is automatically canceled (stopped) To continue your membership, you need to renew again manually as you did before in your My Account –> Membership/Subscription and click renewal.

So you cannot cancel your membership when it’s still active and there is NO AUTOMATED subscription. We find it very important that people have a free choice in whatever they wish to continue with our service or not after the membership expires.

However, our system will automatically create an order for you and send you an email as a friendly reminder if you wish to continue, you can renew. If you don’t want to just ignore the email. (It’s that simple)

If you want to try our service, you can either check out the free content or buy a monthly plan.

Yes, but this is not part of our service. We provided a tutorial on how to do this. check it out here 

If you have other questions, you can contact us using the contact form on the page or send a private message on the following social media channels in Footer below.