Magnificent Century Kosem: 2x49

Episode 19

Magnificent Century Kosem Season 2 Episode 19

Magnificent Century Kosem Bolum 49


Sultan Murad (Metin Akdülger) learns that Farya, who he ordered to be executed, is pregnant. The duo confronts. There is a deep, insurmountable gap between Farya (Farah Zeynep Abdullah) and Sultan Murad artık Learning that Gülbahar Sultan is alive, Kösem Sultan (Nurgül Yeşilçay) confronts Bayezid. Saying that he would give Bayezid a last chance, Valide Kösem Sultan gets an answer he never expected… Sinan Pasha and Gülbahar Sultan mobilize all opportunities to raise Prince Bayezid to the throne. He even negotiates with novices for this cause. Silahtar (Caner Cindoruk) comes home drunk one night. After a tense conversation with Tike Sultan, they get closer. A new hope for tike is born. Sultan Murad, Revan expedition. Şehzade takes Bayezid with him. Kösem Sultan calls Gülbahar Sultan all over the capital. After a long search, Kösem Sultan confronts Gülbahar Sultan. Bayezid, who went on a campaign with Sultan Murad, assassinated his brother.

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Magnificent Century Kosem Season 2 Episode 19