Magnificent Century Kosem: 2x57

Episode 27

Magnificent Century Kosem Season 2 Episode 27

Magnificent Century Kosem Bolum 57


With the accession of Sultan İbrahim to the throne, the administration of the state passes to Kösem Sultan again! Kösem Sultan, who ruled the state together with the Grand Vizier Kemankeş Mustafa Pasha, keeps Sultan İbrahim away from state affairs! Âtike Sultan is standing in front of her mother, not next to her! Sultan İbrahim, on the other hand, lives in debauchery with his favorites! Prince Osman, who was born before Sultan İbrahim became the sultan, is ignored in the palace! Sultan İbrahim, who could not stand it, decides to officially declare his prince! Kösem Sultan drives Prince Osman and Zarife to prevent this. Turhan Sultan, the chief haseki of Sultan İbrahim, is setting a treacherous trap to prevent the Prince’s return! Sultan İbrahim, who learned what happened to his prince, blames his mother and drives her to the ends of the world!

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Magnificent Century Kosem Season 2 Episode 27