Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kılıcı: 1x31

Episode 31

Barbaros Season 1 Episode 31

Barbaroslar Bolum 31


Don Diego, who learned that Oruç, İlyas, Piri Reis, Murad and the levents had conquered Cicel by killing Pedro, tried to escape to Cicel quickly, but was caught by Hızır’s sword. Will Khidr be able to avenge his loved ones from Don Diego? Who will try to save Don Diego? How will Oruç reveal the treachery of Selim Tumi, who killed the oppressed who took refuge in him? What will be the obstacle of Oruç, who is determined to conquer Algeria after Cicel? How will Don Diego avenge his brother Pedro? What will be the loss that shattered the Barbaros brothers?

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Barbaros Season 1 Episode 31