Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kılıcı: 1x26

Episode 26

Barbaros Season 1 Episode 26

Barbaroslar Bolum 26


At the last moment, Venetian Doge Barbarigo stopped Baba Oruç, who was winning the duel for the conquest of Levitha Island and was preparing to take Gabriel’s head, and asked Oruç to forgive Gabriel. Oruç, who said he would forgive Gabriel on one condition, learned from him that the traitor in Kelemez was Şahbaz. Will brothers Oruç and Hızır, who changed the name of Levitha Island they conquered to “Koç Baba”, to catch Şahbaz, whose treachery was revealed with Gabriel’s confession, in Kelemez? What will Messiah Pasha, who vouches for Shahbaz, do now? Will Shahbaz in Kelemez be able to escape? Will Meryem, who realizes that she is right in her suspicions about myself, will be able to seize him? After the confrontation with Oruç Reis, İlyas, who realized that his brother deemed him worthy of the lowest duty, decided to leave the castle with Esma and sail to the seas with his own ships. What disasters will this decision drag him and his family into?

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Barbaros Season 1 Episode 26