Barbaroslar Akdeniz’in Kılıcı: 1x23

Episode 23

Barbaros Season 1 Episode 23

Barbaroslar Bolum 23


Fearing that the captured Father Oruç and Hızır Reis, who secretly entered Modon to save him, would be killed, İlyas decided to make Gabriel surrender his fleet despite all the warnings of his brothers. Gabriel, who captured Ilyas and his janissaries by taking the fleet, did not give Oruç, but also lured the Khidr velevents, whom he learned to come to Modon, into a great death trap. How will Elijah get out of here, surrounded by Gabriel and his soldiers? Which plan will save Hızır, Piri Reis and their levents, who are detained by Pablo? What will happen to Oruç Reis, whose captivity has become more difficult and has been removed from Modon? What will this heedlessness of İlyas cost in the lives of the Barbaros brothers? Messiah Pasha, who wanted to prevent the uncanny in Kelemez, wanted to appoint İlyas to the city’s guard. Ilyas, who knew that if he did not pass, the skin would be given to Shahbaz, had to accept this offer. With this decision, what will İlyas, who has drawn the anger of Hüma, Isabel and Meryem, do against the orders of the Messiah Pasha? What will Hızır do when he learns that the sword…

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Barbaros Season 1 Episode 23