Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu: 1x5

Episode 5

Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 Episode 5

Awakening: Great Seljuk Season 1 Episode 5


After the arrangement of Nizamülmülk, the Batınis retreated to the trap set for them, Sencer could not succeed in whatever he did in order not to go there, he faced Tapar and Tapar’s sword rested on Sencer’s neck, whose face was opened in the fight. Who will come from the move that stops Tapar? Will Sencer be able to continue on his way at the most critical threshold of his struggle with the Batınis? As a result of the intelligence he received from the West, Andreas slaughtered the special unit hidden around Kuvel to take revenge on Melikshah who killed his soldiers. One person from the attacked special unit survived. He was also Melikşah’s military soldier Yalman. Yalman managed to reach Isfahan after a tough journey. Will Yalman be able to reveal Hasan Sabbah’s betrayal? Will Hasan Sabbah be able to prevent Yalman from betraying himself? How will Melikşah avenge the special unit? Ghazali, who defeated the Batıni dai with his deep knowledge in Isfahan square, attracted the attention of the people and even Ibn Attaş. What will be Attaş’s attitude towards this young scholar who openly defends his cause? What strategy will Ibn-i Attaş follow to eliminate Ghazali? Will…

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Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 Episode 5