Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu: 1x3

Episode 3

Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 Episode 3

Awakening: Great Seljuk Season 1 Episode 3


Watch Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 Episode 3 Unable to resist the command of Sultan Melikşah, Nizamülmülk brought together Sultan Melikşah and his son Sencer in a secret place despite all the dangers awaiting the state. Will Melikşah ignore Nizamülmülk’s warnings and open the last door between them to meet the son he wants to see years later? Learning that the Batinians have a hand in every struggle against the Great Seljuk State, what will be the operation that Sencer undertakes against them? Will Sencer be able to decipher the plans of the Batinians that could destroy the Seljuk? Will Sencer, who longs for a father, open his heart to Turna Hatun? How will Nizamülmülk, who knows that the struggle against the batıns will not only be with the sword, will follow? Which Islamic scholar will knock on this path? What kind of a path will Elçin follow to save his brother Kılıçarslan by approaching Melikşah step by step and drawing the anger of Terken? While Elçin’s being hosted in the palace and his closeness with Melikşah disturbs Terken, his move will be expected with great curiosity. Reaching the knowledge that Sencer is from Kınık Obası, who he is after…

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Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 Episode 3