The Warrior Princess: 1x28

Episode 28 Final

The Warrior Princess Season 1 Episode 28

Destan Bolum 28


In the last part of Akkız and Batuga’s epic, China invades the Gök Saray and burns down all the Turkish tribes. Batuga, who learned that he would be a father in his darkest nights; He sacrifices himself so that the sun will rise and the sky will shine for his children and people. While trying to kill the Emperor of China, he is captured along with his kinsmen and warriors. Now Akkız is left alone with her baby in her womb, but Akkız does not give up. He casts his fears from his heart and puts on his strength like armor; He strengthens his power for those who believe in him, for those who need him, for his loved ones, and for his homeland, and builds an army of forty women. Because she is Akkız, who carries the mountain in her veins and the sky in her belly, and her epic is not the end but the beginning.

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The Warrior Princess Season 1 Episode 28
Sep. 15, 2022