The Warrior Princess: 1x2

Episode 2

The Warrior Princess Season 1 Episode 2

Destan Bolum 2


In the second part of the epic; Akkız, who wants to take her revenge on Alpagu Khan by seizing the opportunity she has been looking for for years, injures the ruler of the Gök Khanate with the arrows she shoots. While Alpagu Khan is immediately taken to the palace, Saltuk, who goes to the Mountain Khanate to find those responsible for the attack, takes Akkız hostage. The fact that Alpagu Khan is on the brink of death intensifies the throne war in the Gök Khanate Palace. While Kaya Tegin and Timur Tegin are quarreling over who should take the throne, their uncle Balamir is waiting in ambush. Akkız, who was brought to the palace as a prisoner, meets Batuga, whom she has not forgotten since her childhood.

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The Warrior Princess Season 1 Episode 2
Dec. 01, 2021