Kuruluş Osman: 3x90

Episode 26

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 26

Kurulus Osman Bolum 90


Osman Bey with his sons Orhan and Alaeddin in a new era in Bithynia. The year has been 1299. Osman Bey’s sons Orhan and Alaeddin grew well and flourished. How will the new games establish in Bithynia lead Osman Bey? While Bilecik Tekfuru Justinyanus and Yarhisar Tekfuru Basileus were determined to change the balances in Bithynia, Osman Bey set his sights on İnegöl, which he had been trying to conquer for years. What will be Osman Bey’s first step towards this cause? Osman Bey’s new enemies Bilecik Tekfuru Justinyanus and Yarhisar Tekfuru Basileus. Yarhisar Tekfuru Basileus and Bilecik Tekfuru Justinianus, who saw Osman Bey as a great danger, were would-be relatives. Justinian was to marry Holofira, Basileus’ stepdaughter. How will the solution that Holofira finds to deal with this situation lead Kayı Obası? Who will make the first move to end the peace for Osman Bey and İnegöl Tekfuru Nikola, who have had to end the war between them for years? Time to be a state. The hostility put to sleep by Barkın, who has strengthened his friendship with Osman Bey over a long period of time, will wake up with news from Master Arius. What will be the Master’s…

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 26
Apr. 14, 2022