Kuruluş Osman: 3x80

Episode 16

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 16

Kurulus Osman Bolum 80


Kayı girls, who were attacked by Julia and her soldiers on the way to exile, are devastated by Selcan Hatun’s serious injury. Osman Bey, who seems to mean the life of Sultan Mesud with the trap set by Geyhatu, has to make a clever plan to escape from the palace. Vizier Alemşah takes Harmankaya Castle from Tekfur Nikola and gives it to Gündüz Bey. While Gündüz Bey is trying to strengthen his claim to the principality thanks to this new conquest, Vizier Alemşah, who thinks that Osman Bey will want to see Selcan Ana, who is struggling with death, sets a treacherous trap. However, Osman Bey captured Vizier Alemşah with the strategy he set up and calls for an account! Will Ana Selcan die? How will Osman Bey corner Vizier Alemşah? How will Harmankaya Castle’s passing under the control of Kayılar change the balance in the region? How will Osman Bey escape from the Seljuk palace? Will Osman Bey be able to reveal the truth behind the assassination of Sultan Mesud? What is Geyhatu’s grand plan to confuse Anatolia?

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 16
Feb. 03, 2022