Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanin Fermani: 1x18

Episode 18

Barbaros Hayreddin Season 1 Episode 18

Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanin Fermani Bolum 18


Barbaros Hayreddin is angry with Seydi Ali, who shot Pargalı. Learning that Marcela told everything to Barbaros Hayreddin, Luna learns another truth from Marcela. Suleiman the Magnificent, who wants to capture Seady Ali, orders Barbaros Hayreddin to come before him and give an account. Barbaros Hayreddin, who gained more time with the trust of Ayas Pasha to Barbaros, takes action to solve this dirty scheme and asks for the capture of Lord Chavez. Because Seydi Ali said that his gun fired because he saw Lord Chavez at the scene. Barbaros Hayreddin, who learned from Luna that the island map was in Luzatto, orders the exits from Payitaht to be stopped. When he confronts Luna, he learns that Luzatto has the map of the island. Luzatto tells Chavez to meet Barbaros to save Dorya. In Payitaht, where everything is mixed, Barbaros Hayreddin is once again faced with obstacles… Barbaros Hayreddin, who wants to prevent this arrangement of Pargalı İbrahim Pasha, who wants to poison Dorya in the dungeon, goes in search of an antidote. Dorya must live for the map to be found. Otherwise, Luzatto will not give the map of the Island to Barbaros. Barbaros Hayreddin, who wanted Chavez to…

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Barbaros Hayreddin Season 1 Episode 18