Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanin Fermani: 1x15

Episode 15

Barbaros Hayreddin Season 1 Episode 15

Barbaros Hayreddin Sultanin Fermani Bolum 15


After overcoming the trap set by Barbaros Hayreddin and his chieftains during the Himara Castle campaign, they make a plan to reach the castle secretly. Şarlken, who is aware that his own reputation will be destroyed by the defeat of Dorya, decides to go to Himara Castle. Salih Reis does not want to stay behind this time and sets off with Şarlken. Derviş, who stayed in Payitaht, finds evidence to prove that it was Pargalı İbrahim Pasha who killed İskender Çelebi. However, Şahsuvar becomes aware of this evidence and conveys it to Pargalı İbrahim Pasha. Derviş and Ayas Pasha think that the end of İbrahim Pasha has come. Neither side will shy away from the fight until the last moment. Barbaros Hayreddin confronts the fact that Kemankeş Pasha is a prisoner in the hands of Şarlken in Himara, where he came for conquest. Despite the participation of Turgut Reis and his Levents, they are still insufficient in number. The fact that Kemankeş Pasha was also in the hands of Şarlken made the work of Barbaros Hayreddin even more difficult. However, it is also essential that they make a plan that will make the conquest possible by the Sultan’s edict. As…

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Barbaros Hayreddin Season 1 Episode 15