How to change video quality on iOS (iPhone) and watch in 1080p

Idriss AweramFebruary 28, 2019

We are proud to see that 60% of our members use mobile to watch their favorite shows on HF! The maturity uses and iPhone/iPad (iOs) device. So for these people we want to show how to watch and change the quality on your iOS device. since Apple gives only a simple version for video viewing on safari. So in these simple steps, we gonna show u how to do this. So you can also enjoy the best quality!

This is how the video player looks on iOS device (doesn’t show video settings)



iphone on historicalfun

Step one

Go to Appstore and search For Google Chrome (browser) if you don’t have it already

or click on this link on your phone

After installation

Step two

After installation, open Google Chrome that you just have installed

and navigate to


Step three

Click on the top right corner (three dots)

And request desktop mode

Desktop mode Iphone


Now you will see that you can change the video quality in the settings below (video player) looks like this

If you click on HD (settings you can change the quality to 1080p (which is the best quality) And enjoy the show

vimeo settings on iOS



We want to thank our Mohamed Kataieh for sharing this to us.


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