Alparslan The Great Seljuks: 2x49

Episode 22

Alparslan The Great Seljuks Season 2 Episode 22

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Bolum 49


Alparslan had killed Grigor, who had inflicted heavy wounds on the Expedition. He was lying on the ground covered in blood. Will Alparslan be able to train Seferiye for physicians? Will the pregnant woman lose her child? What will be the new goal of Alparslan, who is determined to advance on the throne path? Kutalış caught Alparslan in the last position of Rey’s defense ring and started to move towards Rey by pulling his own gentlemen to his side. Thanks to Leon, Süleyman reached Rey at the last moment and greeted Kutalış. Suleiman had threatened to detonate hundreds of nafs that he had hidden under the ground if Kutalmish entered the palace. Will he return, or will he march on Solomon with his life? Alone in Ani with Grigor’s death, Leon’s new target is Ganja. Will Leon, who will use Erbasgan as a tong to give Ganja to Süleyman, reach his goal? Will Alparslan and Kutalış unite in the face of this situation, or will they watch Gence go away by separating? Will he betray the Seljuks again?

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Alparslan The Great Seljuks Season 2 Episode 22