Alparslan The Great Seljuks: 1x14

Episode 14

Alparslan The Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 14

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Bolum 14


Alparslan, who was accused of killing oppressed people, found the house where the innocent were kept, thanks to the trace he took. Alparslan, who caught Emir Bozan in the house where the innocents were kept, put his sword on Bozan’s neck. Bozan’s end has come, has his mask fallen off? Will Alparslan kill Emir Bozan and bring an end to Karmatism?Speaking unaware that Karaca and Akınay are watching them, will Akça and Alpagut be able to get away with this incident before Alpagut is exposed and without being exposed to Karaca’s accusations? Will Akinay see his son Alpagut? Will Karaca be able to show Akınay that Akça is collaborating with a Byzantine?Taking advantage of the weakness in the headquarters, Diogenes surrounded Yinal and his soldiers. What will Diogenes do to get headquarters? Will Yinal be able to send news to Seljuk for help? Will he be able to maintain the resilience of his soldiers against impatience and defend the headquarters? Kekavmenos and Dukas, who are unaware that Diogenes besieged the headquarters, what will they say to Diogenes when they learn this information.

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Alparslan The Great Seljuks Season 1 Episode 14
Feb. 22, 2022