New Turkish Series Nizamı Alem’s Cast and Release Date!

Batuhan UluAugust 15, 2020

Starts on TRT screens with a new series called “Nizamı Alem.” “Nizamı Alem,” which means maintaining order, re-establishing, and building order in the country and in the world, will be a series that tells about the Seljuk period. Here we will present you detailed news about the actors of the series “Nizamı Alem,” which will tell you about the order of the Seljuk State which dominates both Anatolia and the region.

Akli Film will prepare the TV series Nizamı Alem which will be broadcast on TRT 1 screens. “Akli Film,” which produced the series “Kuşlar Yolcululuk” and prepared the series “Hay Sultan” which will soon be broadcast, reached an agreement with the series “Nizamı Alem” which will be broadcast on TRT 1. The series name, written by Serdar Özonalan and which will tell the Seljuk period, has been finalized as “Nizami Alem.” Serdar Özönalan, who is also part of Diriliş Ertuğrul’s team, will be the series’ sole screenwriter.

Who are the actors of the Nizamı Alem series?

We’ll write about which players are in the Nizamı Alem series cast, which will be broadcast on TRT screens, and who are the new players on that page. The cast of the Nizamı Alem series, which Akli Film will prepare and be broadcast on TRT1 screens, is beginning to become clear. All casting is known to begin in July.

Included in the cast of the series were Buğra Gülsoy and Ekin Koç, whose script was written by Serdar Özonalan, the project was designed by Emre Konuk, and which will tell of the hard struggle between the Great Seljuk State and Hasan Sabba. Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu and Sevda Erginci were the female leading roles of the series, in which Buğra Gülsoy will portray Sultan Melikşah and Ekin Koç will portray Ahmed Sencer. The preparatory work for the Nizamı Alem series continues at full speed.


Buğra Gülsoy – Sultan Melikşah

Buğra Gülsoy last played in the TV series Azize with Hande Erçel, which appeared on Kanal D. Buğra Gülsoy signed a new series with the short duration of this series. The character of Sultan Melikşah will be brought to life by Buğra Gülsoy, who will play the leading role in the TV series Nizamı Alem. Melikşah had a relentless fight with Hasan Sabbah and became the awe-inspiring poppy dream. Buğra Gülsoy took on the lead role of Sultan Melikşah in the television series Nizamı Alem.

Ekin Koc – Ahmed Sencer

For a long time Ekin Koç had not played in television series. Finally, Ekin Koç ‘s fans, who appeared in the film Champion as a great couple with Bold Pilot, will be very happy with the news from this series. Ekin Koç, who will take place in the Nizamı orem series with the character of Sultan Melikşah ‘s son Ahmed Sencer, will be in front of the lovers of the series after a long time. In the television series Nizamı Alem he will play the role of Ekin Koç-Ahmed Sencer. Ekin Koç has previously appeared with the TV series “I Will Give You A Secret,” “My Name Is Gültepe,” “Magnificent Century Kösem,” “Life Secrets” and finally “7 Hundred.”

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu – Elçin Hatun

Finally, the successful and beautiful actress Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, who played a role in the TV series Kızım with Buğra Gülsoy, which was screened on TV8, agreed with the series Nizamı Alem. The character of Sultan Melikşah ‘s wife Terken (Türkan) Hatun is likely to be expected in what role Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu will play in the TV series Nizamı Alem.

Who is The Hatun Elçin? All balances will change with Elçin Hatun coming to the palace. We’ll see what kind of events Elçin Hatun, who with her beauty is legendary, will be accomplished in the palace.

Sevda Erginci – Turna

Recently, Sevda Erginci was featured in the Dear Past series, which was broadcast on ATV screens, and only lasted 6 episodes. Sevda Erginci, who had previously been very popular in the Forbidden Apple series, will finally play in the Nizamı Alem TV series which will be broadcast on TRT screens. Sevda Erginci in the character of Turna Sultan in the TV series Nizamı Alem is expected to be the wife of Sultan Ahmed Sencer. Let’s see what sort of acting the character of Turna will be in the Nizamı Alem series.

Gurkan Uygun – Hasan Sabbah

The cast of the Nizamı Alem series included Gürkan Uygun. As a powerful name in Nizam-ı Alem’s cast, Gurkan Uygun joined the series as one of the series’ villains which will become an important character. Gürkan Uygun ‘s character Hasan Sabbah will appear before the audience.

Mehmet Ozgur – Nizamülmülk

Mehmet Özgür will play the vizier named Nizamülmülk in the TV series Alem. Mehmet Özgür joined the TV series Nizami Alem, signed by Akli Film, which is set to mark TRT’s new season with Nizamülmülk ‘s role. Mehmet Özgür played Salih Baba ‘s character in the Vuslat TV series which was broadcast last season on TRT screens. Nizamülmülkü, Melikşah’s right-hand man, will play in TV series Mehmet Özgür Nizamı Alem. Nizamülmülk wrote in real history the book titled Siyasetname and wrote about what state administrators should be like. Born in our city of Antalya on 30 August 1970, theater-based master actor Mehmet Özgür Nizamı will make a name for himself with the character of Nizamülmülk in the television series Alem.

İlker Kızmaz -Arslantaş

Kızmaz has been included in the Nizam-ı Alem series cast. In the series, the actor will give life to the character of Arslantaş. Curious about his performance in the Nizam-ı Alem series is Kızmaz, who has previously appeared in many different series. Kızmaz, who joined the Nizamı Alem staff with Arslantaş, will be on the new season’s TRT screens.

Cemal Toktaş – Imam Ghazali

Cemal Toktaş will breathe life into Imam Gazali ‘s character in the Nizamı Alem TV series. Cemal Toktaş, born in Istanbul on January 14, 1983, is an actor based in theatre. Cemal Toktaş, who successfully played Turan ‘s role in the television series Vurgun in 2019, Ömer ‘s character in Bizim Hikaye in 2018, and Oktay’s prosecutor in the series Meryem in 2017, will appear in the television series Nizamı Alem as Imam Gazali.

What is the plot story of the Nizam-ı Alem series?

In the television series Nizamı Alem, the story of a story that began with the Great Seljuk state and then continued with the Seljuk state of Anatolia. The Great Seljuk State’s tough fight with Hasan Sabbah and the extraordinary life of the poppies will be narrated in the Nizamı Alem television series. The Nizamı Alem series, which gives confidence to many states, gives the right to live freely to the people living in their land, and will tell how successful it will be in the lands where peace came with the religion of Islam even thousands of years ago and how far Muslims have gone in civilization. The shooting of the series will take place in summer, with a huge budget.

When will the Nizam-ı Alem series begin?

After the casting, the Nizamı Alem series, which will continue to select players on TRT screens in June and July 2020, will start trial shooting. Shooting will begin at the end of the summer while the costumes are being prepared to undergo a feverish work. The Nizamı Alem series, which is likely to begin appearing on the screen in September 2020, can be broadcast Thursdays on TRT screens. We will supplement our topic with detailed news.


Here’s English Subtitled Trailer of Nizam-ı Alem