Mohamed El BazeSeptember 26, 2022

The highly anticipated 4th season broadcast date of Bozdağ Film’s Kurulus Osman series, starring successful actors such as Burak Özçivit , Özge Törer and Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy, has also been announced.

The series, which will appear in front of the audience with its new story and cast in the new season, will be aired on Turkish TV with its 99th episode on Wednesday, October 5th. Historical Fun TV will release the English translation on Thursday, October 6th 2022.


He would ignite the fire of gas and freedom with his coal-black eyes. His name was Osman, son of Ertuğrul Gazi… It was “love” that guided him through the darkness… In the lands watered with blood and tears, reaped like a crop of sky; He dreamed of a nation that would cross the seven heavens, seven earths, mountains and seas with “love”. He took his strength not from his sword, but from “love”… With justice to tyranny; He gave his name to the greatest empire that history has ever seen, which resisted slavery with freedom. The rebellion against the corrupt order that broke 72 nations, the hope for the silent cry of the oppressed became the name of the Organization… The Foundation Osman… The story of the march from a 400 tent camp to a world empire founded with “divine love”…


For Osman Bey, the target is Yenikent now. While Osman Bey and his Alps besiege Yenikent, Bala, Malhun, Ayşe, Aygül Hatunlar and sisters will not be idle. Will the Hatuns infiltrating the castle in disguise be able to bring down the enemy from within? What will be the fate of Aygül Hatun, who was injured by an arrow while fighting with the enemy? It is in the hands of Auburn Abdal, Demirci Davud and Akca Dervish Romanos. Romanos is ready to spend everything in order to solve the game that Osman Bey has set up. Will Kumral Abdal, Akça Derviş and Demirci Davud be able to withstand the tortures of Romanos? Will Bala, Malhun and other Hatuns be able to save them? Osman Bey encounters a tough resistance in Yenikent, where he is leaning against. Osman Bey will talk about his intelligence as well as his wrist energy for the salvation of Yenikent. What is Osman Bey’s ingenious plan? Finally, the Kayi Alps He stands at the gates of Yenikent. Surprised by what he has suffered, Romanos and his soldiers try to play a dirty game. In the most difficult situation of the war, Blacksmith Davud throws himself forward so that the Kayı flag can flutter. Will David the Blacksmith be saved?

Kuryuceş Osman TV Series

The series will tell about the life of Osman Gazcai, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Gunduz, who was ambushed by Alişar’s people, is in the Kayı camp in a seriously injured condition. While Osman takes action to question those who attacked his brother, Sheikh Edebalı rejects Alişar, who wants Bala. Under the influence of Alişar Bey, disguised as Müneccim Abdül, Yannis, together with Sofia, urges Alişar Bey against Osman and Şeyh Edebalı. Alişar Bey, who goes to the Kayı group, challenges Dündar Bey and demands the return of the gold stolen from him. Dundar Bey, sensing the Mongol reservations and the future of the Kayıs, wants the tribe to be vigilant. Osman, on the other hand, has a different plan. What will Osman do when he learns that the Mongols have come to Snasihat? Will he survive the day? What will be the new move of Alişar Bey, who is looking for an alliance with Yannis and Sofia?