Kurulus Osman Season 2 Cast! Breaking News!

Batuhan UluSeptember 10, 2020

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Promotion

We’ve announced Kurulus Osman’s Season 2 Promotion with English and Spanish Subtitles. You can search both in our website…

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Cast! Breaking News!

Kurulus Osman, who appeared on HF screens in front of the audience and became Thursdays’ undisputed leader since the first episode was broadcast, is coming into the new season like a bomb … “The secret has been solved, the fire of love has burned. Let those who come informally; those who dream and wear the ambush, open the road and spread the custom. Those who remove the trace Persistence and starboard, who dream … way that opened, trail rides only, is the informal time, trace syrup is time for the state to open the road ‘second season promotion to the agenda as soon as possible.

Kurulus Osman attracted great attention from Osman’s fans, Turkey and the world in many countries.’ The Osman organization, which received tens of thousands of likes and comments, showed off 9 new players in the promotion of season 2.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 New Cast!


Kurulus Osman’s first season was released last night, which took the storm with its first season and became the first of Wednesday evenings. The company gave signals after the first season that broke the rating records that it will enter the new season like a bomb with the names it added to its staff.

Yeşilçam legend Cüneyt Arkın was at Kurulus Osman an event with his scenes. Cüneyt Arkın’s trailer Establishment Osman and scenes, which were on the social media agenda, were highly appreciated. How old, then, is Cüneyt Arkın? Here are the celebrities’ ages …

Cüneyt Arkın

September 8, 1937

Erkan Avcı

December 17, 1982

Seray Kaya

February 4, 1991

Kanbolat Görkem Aslan

November 4, 1980

Seçkin Özdemir

August 25, 1981




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