A Splendid Series about Sufi scholar Ibn Arabi that will take you on a roller coaster ride

May 23, 2019

Ibn Arabi (THE SANCTUARIES OF LOVE) Series coming to HF

One of its kind Arab historical series that will take you into the life of Famous Sufi saint Ibn Arabi.

Many of us get to know about him from the worldwide famous Turkish TV series Resurrection: Ertugrul whereas a mentor he guides Ertugrul Gazi in his way towards establishing what would later become one of the greatest Muslim Empires the world has ever seen ”Sultanate Osmani”. His teachings touched our hearts and we all wanted to see more of him but as the series was on Ertugrul Gazi so we did not get the chance to see more of Ibn Arabi. But the good news is that ‘The sanctuaries of love’ will be purely on the life of Ibn Arabi and we will get to know this great Sufi saint more closely.

Those of you who do not know him, let us give a brief introduction about him.

IBN ARABI – A famous Muslim scholar, mystic, poet and a philosopher of Arab Andalusian descent. His work gained influence beyond the Muslim world and his cosmological teachings became dominant in the whole of the Muslim world.

He was born in Murcia, Spain on 26th July, 1165AD in the Holy month of Ramadan. He is renowned among the practitioners of Sufism by the names al-Shayk al-Akbar meaning the Great Shayk and Mohiuddin Ibn Arabi.

Abu Dhabi TV is producing the series which will take us through the life and ideas of Ibn Arabi. It is written by Mohammed al-Batoush and directed by Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed.

Watch the trailer in English Subtitles to have a glimpse of what to expect from the series.

As the director said that it is difficult to summarize Ibn Arabi’s life in a single series, so it will be divided into three stages. Starting 15 episodes are going to show his early life in Andalusia. The second stage will show his life in Mecca and in the third stage we will get to see his life in Damascus.

The series will be in Arabic Language, so those of you who want to see this great series can do so only on Historical Fun TV in English Subtitles and HD Quality. Those of you who have not seen Resurrection: Ertugrul, we recommend to watch it first and then watch this series and you will surely fall in love with the amazing work.

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