Idriss AweramDecember 31, 2019

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The poll has ended on 1/06/2020, the Imam won with 75% of the votes! We will start the translation as soon as possible.

What TV Show or Movie do you like to see added to HF?

Filinta: A young police officer in 19th-century Istanbul investigates crimes as he falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy merchant conspiring against him.

The Imam: The series tells the full biography of the four imams of the Muslims from the Sunnis and the community Ahmad ibn Hanbal and the events that took place from the beginning of his family and social life and even began his scientific life in the request of forensic science from Muhammad and the Quran until his death, and also reviews the period of the rule of the Abbasid state, Islamic events and conquests , the emergence of the Mu'tazili and the emergence of the plight of the creation of the Koran , and Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal confronted them.

The Imam

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