Idriss AweramDecember 31, 2019

Dear member,

What TV-show do you like to see next on historicalfuntv.com ?

Wounded love and Ibn Arabi are almost fully published on our website, we like to give you this opportunity to choose what you like to see translated next on our website.

Submit your request in the comments below, comment with 5 likes will be added to the poll.

PS: When the polls close, your next opportunity to submit a request will be when the chosen project is finished. 

Close date poll:


Results in percentages

Looks like Payitaht is the clear winner on this poll, congratulations to those who voted for this show. We will start translating it ASAP. Also, we will add the first episode(s) of Legends of war, because the episodes are short and the show has only 10 episodes. However, if the views are low we may stop translating it.

A huge thanks to everyone who voted, make sure to vote on the next poll to improve the HF service and experience even more.

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