Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Episode 3 Trailer reveals what is to come

Raja RajaNovember 20, 2018

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Episode 3 Trailer reveals what is to come

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5 Episode 3 Trailer reveals

After successful 4 Seasons of a now world wide famous Turkish TV series Dirilis Ertugrul which depicts the story of Ertugrul Ghazi who layed the foundations of Sultanate Osmania, the producer Mehmet Bozdag launched the new Season 5 which aired it’s first episode on 7th November, 2018.


This time the story line takes a 10 years leap and we see Kayi tribe settled in Sogut and controlling it with Ertugrul as a Principality Bey.

Erturgul Bey Season 5

Ertugrul and his lion-hearts continue to struggle for the cause of Allah and have implemented a system of Justice in Sogut where everyone is living together in peace and love. The sons of Ertugrul have also grown up and each of them have their own traits, with Gunduz – Becoming a brave and daring Alp, Savci – A dreamer, intrigued by knowledge the world around him has to offer and Osman – Who is showing signs of a young restless lion as his father was.


Right from the start of Season 5, Mongols have entered the scene already, but there is a man named Dragos who is coming at top of the villian list so far. Although according to our analysis he is going to be defeated soon but he might put a good damage on what Ertugrul has built so far. What we know so far is that Dragos is running a secret organization which is acting out independently and doesn’t care about the peace agreement between Ertugrul and Byzantine. So he feels answerable to no one. And the most frightening thought about him is that he has sneaked inside the territories of Ertugrul by deceiving everyone as Zangoc and been positioning his soldiers for many years.

Just like previous Seasons of Ertugrul, a new tribe named Umurogullari is introduced, which is led by Umur Bey.  We see in the first episode that Osman is saved by a woman named Ilbilge Hatun, but later we get to know that she was sent by her father Umur Bey for collecting information about Sogut and Ertugrul. Umur Bey is shown as an ambitious man and he is backed by the Seljuks. His intentions are to take what Ertugrul has built in 10 years.

Dragos has declared war on Ertugurl secretly for years. But now the patient devil sees Umur Bey’s tribe as a chance of a civil war between two Turk Tribes, that can be broken out in Sogut and on Ertugrul.

First Gunduz was trapped by the moneylenders who were doing the bidding of Dragos, and now Gunduz is being trapped in a major game which can break out civil war in Sogut.

Here is the full trailer of Season 5 Episode 3 (Bolum 124) …


Analysis on upcoming Plot!

The tension between Gunduz ,Umur Bey and his daughter Ilbilge Hatun went to peak as Gunduz took Umur Bey by his throat with a dagger when Umur Bey arrived unannounced at the Kayi tribe.

ilbilge Hatun with Osman

Ilbilge Hatun recieved a lot of love from Kayi tribe for saving Osman and as she got to know more about Erugrul, she started to get impressed by his system of justice, courage and his ways of upholding the traditions. The producers teased the fans with a possible match of Ilbilge and Ertugrul but we don’t see any such thing happening as Ertugrul will stay focused on his cause and his sons and he will not get married to anyone else.

ilbilge hatun stabs ertugrul

In the last episode, Dragos and his soldiers dressed up as bandits attacked Atac Bey and the Alps of Umurogullari tribe. All the Alps were killed and Atac Bey escapes. Ilbilge Hatun confronts Gunduz in Sogut market about making this attack on her people. Just as the things got heated, Ertugrul Bey intervenes but he gets stabbed on his shoulder by Ilbilge Hatun unintentionally.


Ilbilge Hatun now blames Gunduz for the attack and because Gunduz will not be able to tell Ertugrul that he is secretly meeting the daughter of a Byzantine Governor. So Erugrul will order that Gunduz and his companion Cagri to be put in the dungeons. Dragos will see this as an opportunity and he might kill Umur Bey and kidnap Gunduz from the dungeon. All this scenario will make it look like that Gunduz escaped from the dungeon to kill Umur Bey and has now fled somewhere in hiding. While Dragos will be trying to kill Gunduz to make sure he doesn’t return to Ertugrul. But Gunduz will be the undoing of Dragos as he is going to reveal this devil in front of everyone.

Dragos! The Big Villain of Season 5?


Dragos is proving as a great opponent but we think that the biggest villain of Season 5 is yet to be revealed. It won’t be from the Mongols as the Mongols will slowly go off the scene now. Seljuks are going towards their end and Mongols will start losing their influence which will make the Turk tribes to farther push them off. Byzantine will see the weakening Mongols as an opportunity to break the peace agreements and push Turks away from their borders. Because the peace agreement was made as the Byzantine feared invasion from the Mongols and saw Turks as a buffer between themselves and wild Mongols. It is a start of a big war between Byzantine Empire and Turks.


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